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Aion watch is the reality that was missing in the world of timepieces: the encounter between nature and human progress. In fact, the brand was born from the desire to combine the strength of carbon fibers with the simplicity of nature to obtain excellence.

The watch is made of carbon fiber and PLA, a recyclable and environmentally friendly polymer derived from corn, but the extraordinariness of the piece produced is due to the 3D printing technology that allows us to make our Puro Elemento completely eco-sustainable.

This particular production process strongly influences the aesthetic identity of the watch, creating a particular unique knurling that gives character and at the same time makes it unrepeatable. In fact, the pieces are made one by one, therefore not mass-produced, thus guaranteeing the customer to have a unique watch in the world.




In antiquity, time was not conceived as it is today but was divided into two different visions: measurable time corresponding to the "quantity of time", contrasted instead by a concept focused on how a particular moment is lived, that is the "Quality of time". This in fact does not have the same value and is not always the same in all situations, just think about when you are enjoying yourself and seems like time is running faster. These different conceptions of time are also flanked by two different figures: Chronos, which we all know as god of measured, chronograph, linear time,  and Aion, which instead represents the divinity of eternal, cyclical time, life force, eternal duration ; hence the term aeon, that is the most extensive chronological unit.
Aion therefore represents much more than a figure, but it is a concept that involves all of us and that will always involve humanity. Our brand perfectly marries its ideals with this vision and aims to create timepieces that can be conceptually eternal in all their parts, from the material to the technology used, an Aion watch has essentially no end, being able to become material and again Pure Element .